Nakto City Adult E-bike

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• The electric bicycles adopt high-strength carbon steel frame, the front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel. • The e-bikes' seat set can be adjusted to fit different height's need. • Electric bike front high-brightness night light, give you a safe driving environment at night. • 250W brushless high-speed motor, for electric bicycles provide a strong impetus, easily increase speed to 20-26 MPH. • High-end six-speed shifting system, perfect to meet your different needs for speed. • The e-bike equipped with 36V, 10AH lithium battery and charger can make you ride up to 30-45 km with pedal assist.

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Nakto Ebike

Nakto has come up with electric bikes for women, so that it is not just the boys who can have the fun. Bikes, though can be ridden by both men and women, have different designs based on the gender, the women’s bikes are ergonomically designed to suit the petite size and lighter weight of the women folk. 

Other  add-ons

Apart from the size and design, bikes can have other add-ons too. The basket, horn, cargo deck at the back, etc add more value to a bike. Though these are easily available in the market, one has to search for the perfect size. When these are provided with the bike, it makes life easier.


Dual Mode

This bike can be ridden both manually and by using the motor. When you want to speed up and save some time, turn on the throttle and when you want to have a relaxed ride, select the pedal assist.The frame is steep and has a low step. This can be used both by men and women.  One needn’t climb on to the bike, they can just hop onto it with ease.


Brushless Motor and Battery

With a 250 watt motor, this bike can offer good speed. The brushless motor ensures you have a smooth and noise free ride even when on full throttle. This bike comes with a 36V 10AH lithium battery that can be easily removed if not needed. Lithium batteries have a long life and deliver well.


6 Speed and range varies

You can easily shift between 6 different speeds on this bike. The SHIMANO gear set makes it very easy and convenient to shift gears as you ride. When fully charged, the battery lasts up to 28-38kms, provided you are using the pedal assist. The range varies based on the terrain you ride on, the weight the bike has to pull and how you handle it.


High-strength carbon steel frame

Charging time
3-6 hours
Max speed
22 miles/hour
22-28 miles with pedal assist
Front V brake, rear expansion brake
250 W rear hub brushless motor
36 V*10 Ah 
6 Speed-Gears
Crowd Height


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