Naipo Breo Eye Massager

About the product

- Helps to relieve eye strain and headaches by three modes. 

- Great for improving blood circulation and air will give you massage trip.

- Rechargeable lithium battery and USB charging provide maximum portability.

- Built-in speaker and prerecorded nature sounds relax you even more.

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Eye massaging is set to become the next big thing 

Now more than ever, people are sitting in front of screens for the majority of their day and doing irreparable damage to their eyes. Doctors suggest that we should try and look away from our computer screens for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes but sometimes work gets so busy that it’s hard to look away for even a second. This is where Naipo’s Eye Massager can help you. It’s designed to force your eyes to rest for a set period of time by putting you in a super-relaxed state.

Naipo X Breo Electric Eye Massager

Naipo, with the cooperation of Breo, a company specialized in eye massagers for more than 20 years, launched this MGE-IS3 Eye Massager. For a modern world full of sheets of paper and electric screens, your eyes must be very tired, specially for the teacher, IT groups, office staff and students. Naipo eye massager will help to reduce eyes fatigue and strains.

Full and Accurate Eye Massage

With the 60KPA air pressure provided by inserted air pumps, gentle high-frequency vibration driven by dual-engine, the eye massager will massage regularly and exactly the 11 acupoints around the eyes, thus giving you a scientific & comprehensive massager strength for your eye muscles.

Stable Hot Compress

Thoughtfully designed light heat function will deliver tender warmth between 38℃ to 42℃ promote the blood circulation to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. When you wake up and find dark circles or puffiness of eye, just close your eyes and wear the eye mask to relieve them. It also works perfectly for dry eyes after long day work or study.

Control 2 buttons

Control the eye massager with only 2 buttons: one for changing the massage mode and another one for natural sounds. The massage relaxation is so easy. Through data collection of different face shapes, the engineers design the suitable curve for most people, making the force spread evenly and the experience more freely.

Play Some Music You Like

The nature sounds and the light music built into the eye massager are awesome, but sometimes it’s nice to sit with music that you know and enjoy. Remember, It doesn’t always have to be relaxing music either. Sometimes, energetic music can be really good, especially if you’re using this massager in the middle of the day and need a boost.

What's in the box

1 x IS3 Eye Massager, 1 x User manual, 1 x Adapter.

Item Weight

275 g


3 Modes Option
Sleep, med, hard mode
Rechargeable lithium battery
USB provide maximum portability

Charging time

 2 hours
Battery life
 1 week


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