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- 60V500W Brushless Hub Motor.

- 60V10A lithium battery, wheels 17 inch vacuum.

- Charge time 3-5 hours, charger 110-240V 50-60HZ.

- Light Front/rear LED lights, max loading 330lbs/150KGS.

- Frame full aluminium die-casting.

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You should check the MotoPogo

Getting you from A to Z in style, this incredible vehicle won’t let you down – literally. Sitting atop the ultra comfortable saddle, you’re positioned right above the single wheel allowing the gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers to keep you, and the vehicle, upright and centered. To get started with the MOTOPOGO simply lean forward slightly to initiate movement. The vehicle can also be slowed down by leaning back.


MotoPogo - unicycle electric scooter

Combined with a 500 Watts motor and a 360Wh / 60V Lithium-Ion battery, the vehicle provides a range of 35 kilometers at a maximum speed of 35 km / h for a charge time of 1h30. It can transport an adult of 130 kg and consider ribs up to 30 °. Complete with front and rear LED lights and a full aluminum die-cast frame, the MOTOPOGO has a powerful lithium battery that can take you an incredible 35km on a single charge and reach speeds of 25km/h with ease.

Such a vehicle

2 accessories that would open access to the roadways in the category of mopeds (45 km / h max, insurance and helmet mandatory). Required template (953 x 390 x 750 mm), it is imagined indeed poorly on the sidewalks or bike paths. Such a vehicle, however, would make sense as an alternative to electric scooter or moped as its performance and stability come close.


Vehicle driven by driver

To accelerate the movement, it is necessary to lean forward with the hull, to slow it down - to lean back, to turn left or right, the rider must bend in the right direction. Accelerometers, gyroscopes and microcomputers are responsible for the balance during the trip. In general, the design of Moto Pogo is compact and, if necessary, easily fit into the luggage compartment of the average car. Scooter can be a convenient and indispensable vehicle for making recreational trips around the city.

60V 500W
60V10A llithium
Charge time / Recharge time
110-240V 50-60HZ
Light front-rear 
Maximum speed
25km / h
Maximum weight
290lbs / 130kg
Maximum angle
25 ° Max
Maximum distance
25km / Charge
17 in / in
55lbs / 25kg


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