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- Mookkie records images of the animal for which food is intended.

- Deploys the trillion operations per second necessary for visual recognition.

- Mookkie was designed with two users in mind: the pet and its owner.

- Food storage bowl is easy to remove and efficiently repositions itself.

- The bowl’s shape is highly ergonomic, reachable from every point.

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Mookkie visually recognizes the associated pet and opens the flap to feed exclusively him or her

Associated to one pet also with a personalized style, Mookkie bans domestic “food thieves” assuring to its pet the right amount and quality of daily food.Volta Artificial Intelligence powers the visual recognition system of Mookkie. A front-facing camera sees the approaching animals.

The images from the camera are processed through a deep neural network that establishes if the approaching animal is the pet associated to Mookkie – this authentication systems reminds the face-unlock available on newer smartphones. 

The flap over the bowl gets opened only when the paired pet is nearby Mookkie

The technology of the bowl is patent pending.Mookkie, thansks to its simple design, fits well in everyday’s domestic environment. Mookkie has been designed with the two users in mind: the pet and the owner!

The food bowl is removable, easy to grab, and self-centring during re-positioning thans to a magnetic mechanism.The internal shape of the bowl is very ergonomic, reachable in every point also from flat-faced cats. The food is guided by gravity to the center of the bowl. The design is registered.

Mookkie bans domestic “food thieves” including pets different from the authorized one, birds, wild animals and even babies

All the bowl internal surface is visible by the camera, in this way Mookkie’s A.I. is always aware of the status of the food. This feature makes possible to send notifi-cations and short video clips to the owner; the Mookkie APP has been monolithically designed to fit this scope although connecting Mookkie  to the Inter-net remains at the owner’s discretion. 

The base of Mookkie features an anti-ant system

The product is made through injection mold of atossic material; the bodywork is made of polypropylene to allow multiple colours, while the food bowl is made of PETG, resistant to hurts and chemical agents.

At night a very soft and gradual light al-lows to the pet and the user to locate the bowl, the temperature of the light is warm and contains an IR component; this feature could be adjusted to fit the pet preferences and sensitivity to light. 

The geometry of the bowl invites the allowed pet to eat frontally, while keeping away other animals arriving from the back and from the side of the bowl

It’s clear that the design completely meets functionality. Super easy to setup, and extremely easy to use. Simple to clean and maintain. Personalized colours and personalized label with pet’s name are available. Durable by design. The sliding flap, made of transparent polycarbonate. Furthermore, the closure keeps the food fresh and keeps bugs, flies insects away.


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