MirroCool Smart Mirror

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MirroCloud is where you back up your data that you share with your smart mirror.

Now you never have to worry about a lost selfie you take with MirroCool.

It backs up automatically to the MirroCloud saving all your personal preferences and selfies.

Selfies taken with MirroCool are sent directly to your MirroCool app on your smart device.

You can instantly edit, delete and share your images with your friends and family.

All selfies are automatically backed up to MirroCloud storage.


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MirroCool with access to calendar, remainders, news, weather, traffic and much more will improve your day by giving you a heads-up of what’s planned ahead. Personalized, Hands- and Voice-free, Safe and Secure.MirroCool's proprietary Facial and Gesture Recognition technology (FGR) turns this mirror into a hands- and voice-free, personalized smart mirror that increases your productivity, allows you to take selfies, and can alert you to intruders depending on where it is placed.

MirroCool is an intelligent assistant that syncs up with all your mobile devices. You will only need to teach your mirror three gestures: Smile, Wink, and Blink. With MirroCool’s App you’ll manage access to the following without having to find your smartphone in the morning.

Sync your MirroCool with the app and stream scheduled information continuously. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. With MirroCool you’ll know what needs your most urgent attention when you get to your desk or to start your day. Personalize the app to work for your needs, not the other way around!


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