Minger Govee WiFi Wireless Temperature Sensor

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• When the humidity monitor connect with Wifi you can remote monitor the temperature and humidity of your home through your cellphone when you're away from home.

• Alert will be sent to your phone App when any change happens, which helps you take care of your family and business conveniently.

• Comparing to others, the WiFi Gateway connection design is more stable and stronger, up to 80m/262ft connecting distance and the completely sealed waterproof smart sensor make it possible for indoor and outdoor uses.

• This temperature humidity monitor can record 32000 data and upload to your cellphone via wifi every minute.

• More data would helps you find some regular changes and do some adjustment to improve. Do not worry, you can export the data to CSV without taking any extra charge.

• The Govee wireless thermometer hygrometer accesses the temperature accurately within ±0.3°C and the humidity ±3% with build-in SHT30 high precision sensor. Precise sensor offers reliable data.

• Govee Home is a smart functional APP with low-battery alarm, easy setting and data sharing. When the battery is ready to run out, the APP will alarm to remind you replace the battery.

• Besides, you can switch the temp unit °F/°C , calibrate and pre-set the alarm value through your fingers on the APP.


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Wireless Temperature Sensor

Build-in Swiss-made SHT30 high precision sensor, with ±0.3°C temperature and ±3% humidity accuracy. the temperature sensors monitor the temperature and humidity changes and transmit the data to the Wifi Gateway.

The completely sealed waterproof smart sensor make it possible for indoor and outdoor uses. For people who want to live a healthier life, they may need a thermometer hygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidity, ensuring their house in proper temperature humidity. 

Wifi Gateway

The Wifi Gateway work as bridge to connect with your router and the wireless temperature sensors, It syncs the temperature and humidity data every minute and upload to your cellphone. The Wifi Gateway can connect with multiple sensors, name each sensor like living room, Greenhouse on the app to easily monitor different environment. For pet lovers, put Govee smart sensor alert in the incubator of eggs, you can monitor the thermometer and humidity at any moment from your cellphone.

Govee Home App

The app allows you to remote monitor the indoor and outdoor house temperature and humidity while you’re away from home, Battery Level display and Calibration available on the app. And Alert changes and notification will be sent to your phone when the data exceed the setting value.

For a cropper, the wireless temperature sensor is necessary for monitoring the temperature and water content of greenhouse. For wine collector, they don't want their favorite wine rapidly deteriorates because of in improper temperature and humidity.


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