Meritcase Electric Hovershoes

About the product

- Each unit contains a 250-watt brushless motor.

- Weighs only 3.3 kg each one with a handle for easy taking out.

- The hovershoes can be charged fully in 2-3 hours and has a 10km range.

- Non-slip footplates provide confident footing and can support from 22-286 lbs.

- More thrilling and playful than self balancing scooters and skateboard.

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Brushless motor

Each shoe has a 250-watt brushless motor where they are also tested free from any fire hazards and have also passed electric safety requirements. It is made with a lightweight design where they only weigh 3.3Kg each and includes a carrying handle so that you can move freely comfortably.

Long charging

The hovershoes have a quick and last long charging where they only take 2-3 hours to fully charge and can last for up to 10KM. Features non-slip footplates that provide comfortable footing where they hold a maximum weight ranging from 22 to 286 lbs. These hovershoes comes at an available price that will suit your budget.



Safety is the key things to look at when choosing hovershoes. You have to choose hovershoes that will give you an easy time and enhance your safety when having fun. Consider the buying the hovershoes with non-slip footplates because they enhance a safe footing where your shoe will not slip off when skating.



The material used to make the hovershoe should be strong enough to resist any form of damage. When enjoying yourself on any surface, a lot of force is applied when trying to move forward, backward, and turning. Choose hovershoes with sturdy materials so that you move freely without worrying about the breakdown.



The hovershoes you want to buy should be strong enough to hold your weight comfortably. Many hovershoes hold a maximum weight of 176lbs. It should have non-slip footplates because they provide a powerful footing platform for comfortable standing. Avoid buying hovershoes that cannot hold your weight because they can easily break down and get you injured.

Max Speed
Load Range
10-130kg/ 22-286lbs 
Full Charge Time
Range per charge
Motor Power
250 watts/each 
Battery Power
Charging Input
AC 100-220V 
Max Permissible Gradient
Working Temperature
0 to 40°C
3.3 kg/each 
Tire Outer Diameter
3.5 inch


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