Mercane Wheels Transboard

About the product

- The most advanced 3-wheel scooter for work, play or anywhere.

Features a convenient one-touch folding system for when your ride is done. 

- Combining sleek, sexy lines with the latest in technology.

- Smooth, sleek, and utterly stylish, the combines function with comfort.

- A fast, smooth ride, cruises at speeds up to 22 miles per hour.

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3-Wheel Scooter

Get around in style with the Mercane Wheels Transboard Foldable Electric 3-Wheel Scooter. Featuring double wishbone suspension, the Transboard helps you drive safely regardless of road conditions. Likewise, the self-folding system makes it easy to fold Transboard with just one simple gesture. Once you fold the Transboard in half, you can simply roll it along with you.


High-performance motor

With its high-performance 500W BLDC HUB motor, the scooter reaches a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Additionally, it can go up to 30 kilometers on a single charge. Likewise, it takes about six hours to reach full charge. Furthermore, the scooter features a self-balancing control system, so you don’t need any experience to drive it. Plus, its three-wheel system makes it safe for anyone to drive.


Transboard Delivers Safe, Stable Transportation Anywhere

Double wishbone suspension is installed in the rev-tricycle frame of the the Transboard helping the rider to drive safe under any road conditions. Also, the special self-folding system helps Transboard to fold in one simple gesture.  The result? Your transboard transforms into something like a travel carrier making it easy for you to carry it conveniently while folded.


Self-balancing control system

Transboard is a breed apart from a standard electric kick scooter or self balancing scooter. Transboard can be driven by anybody without any complicated instructions to follow or specialized education/training thanks to its cool self-balancing control system.



The Transboard trim

Transboard can be folded in half with a simple hand flip and rolls along you with as easily as a piece of light luggage at the airport. The Transboard trim is composed of polycarbonate which is very strong in absorbing external shock as it provides special sensitivity delivered through high-gloss beautiful color and stylish lines you'll find in the sleek body of a car.


Max Speed 
25 km/h
Max Distance 
30 km
Max Load   
Charge Time 
Up to 6 hours
1150 x 620 x 1120 mm


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