Master Lock Door Security

About the product

- Door bar is designed to improve home security on hinged.

- Sliding doors as added fortification to prevent forced entry.

- Pivoting ball joint ensures door jammer has full contact with the floor.

- Padded foot provides a strong grip without scratching.

- Door bar is constructed with 20-gauge steel for strength and security.

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Press the silver button to adjust length of door stopper

Padded base should be 15-18 inches from the bottom of the door. Place the yoke end of the door stopper tightly against the underside of the door knob.Slide the padded base of the door stopper toward the door until snug. Do not place on loose rugs or floor mats.

Door stopper adjusts from 30 in. (76 cm) to 44.5 in. (113 cm) for hinged door applications

Remove yoke from door stopper by removing the silver pin.Place door stopper along the base of the door frame. Depress silver button and adjust to desired length.Ensure the silver button pops up in the correct adjustment hole.

Door stopper adjusts from 27.5 in. (70 cm) to 42 in. (112 cm) for sliding door applications

The pivoting ball joint assures full contact with floor, and padded foot provides sure grip without scratching. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind from a brand you know and can trust.


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