Master & Dynamic MH30

About the product

- Including the highest performance 40mm Neodymium drivers. 

- Other features include dual port, mute button, removable ear-pads.

- MH30 offers a natural, detailed, live sound signature.

- Creating an iconic, durable and timeless look.

- Lambskin ear pads are designed to be replaceable.

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From the Manufacturer

Master & Dynamic is a New York City-based premium audio brand with a deep passion for building beautifully crafted, richly appointed, technically sophisticated audio products. Designed for decades of use, Master & Dynamic products utilize only the finest materials and are engineered to last, creating the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort and sound. Its collection of headphones are tuned to provide a rich warm sound that perfectly captures the exceptional detail of well recorded music.

Technically Superior

Master & Dynamic has a deep passion for designing technically sophisticated headphones that look as beautiful as they sound. The MH30 features the most advanced technology including the highest performance 40mm Neodymium drivers. Other features include dual audio ports, removable ear pads, inline mic. and compact folding format for travel and storage.

Tuned for a Rich, Warm Sound

We sought a natural, detailed, live sound signature for our headphones. Our expansive soundscape captures the detail that well recorded music has to offer. Our tuning was designed to complement a diversity of tastes and musical genres. Our headphones have been widely reviewed and regarded as an industry leader for sound quality.

Complemented by Functional Details

We carefully crafted essential functions and practical details into our designs, from the easily replaceable parts, to separating the microphone from the remote for increased vocal clarity. These details ensure that in addition to the high quality sound and design, they are comfortable and easy to use.

On Ear Headphones

The MH30 premium leather on-ear headphones are the perfect pair of wired headphones for the creative individual on the go. Master & Dynamic has married design with the highest technical specs to provide a sound signature that delights audiophiles around the world. These headphones are also designed to fold into a compact form for travel and storage.

What is in Box

Headphone, 3.5/6.3 mm Gold-Plated Adapter, 1.25 m Cable with Remote & Mic (iPod, iPad, & iPhone), 2.00 m Standard Cable, Canvas Headphone Case, Leather Cable Box.

Item Weight

260 g

Product Dimensions 

195 x 190 x 40 mm
32 ohms
40 mm Neodymium
Cowhide x lambskin leather, stainless steel, aluminum, detachable woven cable
Detachable 1.25 m Cable with Remote and Mic, 2.00 m Standard Cable
Headphone Connection
Dual 3.5 mm standard jack
Bluetooth 4.1 with AptX


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