Mars By Crazybaby

About the product

- Hi-fi full range sound from floating tweeter and sub-woofer base.

- 8 hour battery life with auto land and charge for craft.

- Crazybaby app for IOS and android makes your music experience simple.

- Proximity sound adjustment and dual pairing mars for true stereo.

- Product is compliance to IP78 for both indoors and outdoors.

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Lifestyle and Elegant Design

The speaker applies Mars Gravity Technology, a brain child of a cross national engineering collaboration. It is by far the most stable and elegant levitation experience in consumer electronics. The charging system of Mars Craft is also simple and beautiful. When battery life of the Craft is lower than 20%, it will slowly land on the sub-woofer Base for wireless charging. 

The Craft levitates automatically when fully charged

Mars by crazybaby is the world first levitation Bluetooth speaker with stereo sound and dual driver. sci-fi, elegantly designed and funny to use. Enjoy the future sound technology right now, the product is compliance to IP78 for both indoors and outdoors. Mars is the combination of lifestyle and cut-edge audio device, enjoy the music with the coolest way.

Futuristic Levitation Technology

The dual driver two frequency package, combines a separated Craft and Base design providing a crisp and rich harmony. The 1¾’ ultrathin NdFeB speaker inside the Craft is responsible for the full range sound. The Base includes a 3¾’ subwoofer that delivers feel-in-chest bass sound. Mars lays your music with fullness, depth and clarity Acoustic design of Mars was made by teams that providing solutions for Sony, Harmon/Kardon and Philips. Powered by aptX, Mars delivers high quality Bluetooth aud.

SCI-FI Levitation

The outer aircraft grade aluminum casing elegantly covers the speaker and provides a super sturdy protective shell. From simplicity to complicity, every Craft embodies our engineer's relentless pursuit of details down to the very bolt charming curves. A very lifestyle for your taste decoration and daily life.The Chief Electroacoustic Consultant Providing professional electroacoustic designing solutions for Mars, who had been worked for a few world brands, such as Philips, SONY,Harman/Kardon, Panosonic, etc.

Outdoor & Waterproof

Made withstand harsh outdoor conditions, stick the Craft on the bicycle or put it in the pocket for outdoor and sports , Mars Craft is water resisted up to 1 meter (3 feet) deep within 30 minutes. Besides, the user can enjoy the music as whiel take shower.We hold dear to the belief of creating design-driven products, as we believe that every single product detail is derived from countless trials over design methodology. We embrace bold and interesting product concept, unique and high-end technology, and elegant industrial design with futuristic style.


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