Safe Man 6018

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• Precision machined handles add style and enhanced function to your safe.

• The extra-long spokes allow effortless door operation from any positon.

• If standard MAN SAFE models don’t offer enough storage for your timepieces, additional watch winders may be fitted.

• Select from a wide variety of drawer inserts designed specifically for the organization of watches, jewelry, currency, travel documents, luxury pens and more.

• Choose to assign a particular insert to each drawer or opt to keep the standard open drawer layout.

• Each insert is fabric lined in matching Ultrasuede and interchangeable between drawers. This convenient upgrade takes perfect advantage of the open space on the interior of the door.

• Pins and matching hardwood or leather backing provides a great way to display and easily access keys, necklaces, bracelets, and other favorite hanging items.


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The 6018 is the largest watch safe model within the Man Safe Series

The height of this model makes it the most accessible of the watch safe models, allowing easy access to the watch panel, chest of drawers, and open space. The height of the 6018 allows for convenient access to the watch panel, chest of drawers, and open space. Its commanding presence and larger capacity is the preferred choice for the serious watch collector, and for those whose needs demand a full-size high-security luxury safe.

This option elevates your safe to our highest protection level, which includes full military-grade ballistic armor construction and multiple advanced burglary countermeasures to create a nearly impenetrable fortress for your watches and valuables. 

The armor plating is the strongest hardplate material

The armor plating is the same thickness as steel plating used for the standard MAN SAFE, but with penetration resistance equaling that of the strongest hardplate material available. Material so strong that firing multiple. 50 caliber bullets directly into the MAN SAFE results in nothing more than removing the paint.

Aside from the missing paint, the safe shows little to no visible indentation, a feat no other known safe is capable of achieving, and a testament to the incredible strength of these safes. Feature is triggered by either a hidden button or an alternate unlock entry code and interfaces directly with your alarm or home automation system.

Advanced security

If the unfortunate situation ever arises where the safe owner is forced to open the safe against their will, the safe can be unlocked in a normal manner while an undetectable alert secretly relays a message to security authorities. This advanced security upgrade interfaces directly with your home automation or security system to monitor all safe entries.

The Multi Sensor Alarm combines both the Silent Signal Alert and Bolt Lock Indicator advanced security upgrades into one robust security upgrade. Choose between a stealthy all black anodized finish or the cool classic look of brushed stainless steel.


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