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- Lynx combines the latest advancements skills of Amazon Alexa.

- Ask weather update, control your Alexa-enabled smart home devices.

- In Avatar Mode, you can see, hear, and speak all through your Lynx robot.

- Lynx is continuously getting smarter and more helpful as new features.

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Lynx with Amazon Alexa

Access your favorite Amazon Alexa features. Simply enable the Lynx skill in the Alexa app, and ask Lynx to perform your favorite Alexa commands - play music, search show times, check traffic, weather, news reports and more. Supported by Alexa's ever-evolving capabilities, Lynx is the smart home robot destined to get smarter and smarter.

Avatar Mode

Be there when you can’t be there. Enable Avatar mode in the Lynx app from anywhere in the world. You can see, hear, and speak – all through your Lynx robot. You can also ask Lynx to perform functions such as wave hi, give a hug, or dance by using the Lynx Robot app on your smartphone.

Integrated Sensors

Lynx is a highly advanced robot with enormous capacity to react to you and her environment. Capacitive touch sensors let Lynx respond to human touch. The PIR sensor, located on her chest, detect changes in light and motion. Within Surveillance mode, activating the PIR sensor will trigger an automatic thirty seconds of encrypted video to be recorded and transferred securely to the Lynx Robot app for your viewing.

Robotic Servo Motors

The UBTECH digital servo is state-of-the-art, proprietary hardware that creates precise and fluid motions that imitate joints. Providing both stability and speed, these digital servos are the key to Lynx’s mimicry of human movement. With eighteen degrees of freedom (DOF), Lynx can move, dance, stretch and perform countless other actions.

1080p Camera with Facial Detection

Lynx is equipped with a voice-activated, 180° panoramic camera. Take snapshots of you and your friends in avatar mode or monitor your home or office in Surveillance mode.

Microphone & Speakers

Driving its rich, voice-activated capabilities is a five-input, digital microphone array located within the robot’s head. These five microphones are located beside two 40mm speakers, creating the ultimate audio hub. Introducing Lynx with Amazon Alexa – a first of its kind voice-activated, video-enabled humanoid robot.


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