littleBits Electronic Music Inventor

About the product

- An educational gift for every kid on your holiday list.

- Build and play an electric synth guitar, then transform it instruments.

- In-app activities and step-by-step instructions guide kids through building.

- 9V battery to tech sensors, paper templates, stickers, free inventor app.

- Learn real-world steam concepts through hands-on electronic music inventions.

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littleBits invented the electronic building block!

littleBits was my experiment to make engineering more fun, more playful, and more inviting to people who aren’t engineers. I took it to Maker Faire and suddenly people started lining up to play with the Bits. I realized there was a real opportunity to inspire kids to invent with technology.

Our magnetic “Bits” snap together to turn ideas into inventions, transforming the way kids learn so they can grow up to be tomorrow’s changemakers no matter their age, gender, race, nationality, or ability. Hours of in-app play and activities: in-app activities and step-by-step instructions guide kids through building and rocking out to their own electronic instruments.

Creative kids build and customize

We have a young girl in our community who is teaching herself to code and prototype an echo-locator device with littleBits. Others have made pet activity monitors or autonomous driving robots. The creativity and inventive spirit of kids using our Bits blows me away.

Creative kids build and customize a rock in’ synth guitar using littleBits electronic building blocks, then transform it into new electronic instruments of their own! I'm inspired by all our makers. Rockin’ activities help kids unleash their creativity by customizing their electronic instruments or leveling up their skills to build their own.

Musical inventions

Over 12 activities in the free inventor app guide kids through building musical inventions, like an electric keytar or air drums, learning steam (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) skills, and drawing inspiration from real-world musical inventors. Through hands-on play, Kids gain lifelong skills to become changemakers through invention. Product features include in-app instructions for 12 musical activities, Tech sensors, paper templates, mounting boards, keyboard bit, speaker bit, stickers, free inventor app, and battery.


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