LightCam Smart Light Socket Camera

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LightCam offers night vision up to 30 feet thanks to its infrared LEDs.

Connect your LightCam with Google Home or Alexa for entire home connectivity.

Programed with video review to distinguish between trees, dogs, and people.

Simple setup and discreet monitoring.

Record directly from your mobile device.

Storage in the places and price range you want.

Voice control integration coming soon.

To set up LightCam, choose either an indoor or outdoor location with a light socket.


Best video reviews

LightCam’s customizable LED bulb and discrete security camera are contained in a heat resistant dual chamber enclosure

Made from recyclable PET plastic, this material is lightweight and strong enough to withstand any outdoor elements. The subtle design allows the camera to remain flush with the bulb, or extend and tilt for clear viewing. Monitor your home and control your lights at the same time with the LightCam Smart Light Socket Camera. 

Coming with a fully adjustable HD security camera, the LightCam is a smart light bulb that allows you to see more

All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a standard light socket. Then twist LightCam into the socket and turn on the light switch. Additionally, you can download clips to your phone or computer via the app. Furthermore, you can program your light to any setting using the app. This means you can have it turn on at a specific time or based on motion. 

Pick the things you want to be alerted to and don’t be alarmed by the rest

Lithium-Ion back up batteries keep LightCam running even when the power isn’t on. Allowing your home to be energy efficient while staying safe.Every LightCam has a unique QR code that once registered to your account prevents the use by anyone without your permission.

LightCam is set to automatically backup when motion is detected

This patent pending feature enables LightCam to connect to the glass of your enclosure, giving a clear and glare free view. Still capable of full angle adjustment, so you won’t miss a thing. LightCam has a max diameter of 80mm 3.15, height 139mm 5.4inches (collapsed) 178mm 7inches (extended).You can connect LightCam to your personal NAS, preferred online storage, or optional LightCam backup system. Downward projection speaker and a high sensitivity mic enable you to hear and communicate with anyone is a 10-15 foot range. 

Never miss a minute of what’s happening at home

Be there for their first date even if you’re away with business or say hi when the kids get home from school. Check in when it matters and set preferences to not be alerted when it doesn't. Over several months, LightCam inventor Daniel Swiss was frustration by ongoing property damage to his backyard. Unfortunately, strict HOA polices prevented him from changing light fixtures or installing traditional security cameras. 


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