LIFX Original A21 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

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With a light for every occasion, LIFX lights let you create unique experiences, light up rooms, and even add accents to your favorite furniture.

Turn on the light and unlock your smart home's potential. LIFX smart lights let you create unique experiences in your home, wirelessly.

Control and automate your lights with the LIFX App, voice assistants and other leading smart home technologies.

Works with Amazon Alexa to support dimming, shades of white, and color settings through voice control (Alexa device sold separately). Easy set up. Built in Wi-Fi. Multicolor. Adjustable and dimmable. Bright and efficient.


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Setup is very simple:

Screw it in and turn it on, then install and launch the mobile app. The LIFX app connects you directly to the bulb’s temporary Wi-Fi network, which you then reassign to your home Wi-Fi network. The process is streamlined, well-debugged, and takes less than two minutes all told.Let’s move on to lighting aesthetics. Once you flip the power switch, the LIFX immediately shines (no pun intended). It’s a super-bright unit, putting out more than 1000 lumens at maximum brightness with colors that are rich and vibrant. 

The accompanying app is extremely intuitive and is quite a breeze to use

Just tap your bulb and you’re given a simple wheel of white light color temperatures to pick from, plus a dimmer slider in the center of the wheel. Dimming is both quite smooth and precise, and the app provides you with a numerical readout, taking you from 1- to 100 percent brightness in 1-percent increments. White colors are the default, it’s easy to hop over to the full color wheel if you want to have some fun.

You get the now-familiar wheel to dial in just the right color, plus the same dimmer slider in the middle

Both wheels provide easy access to a power button, too. LIFX has to an effects panel that lets you set the bulb to cycle through colors (a feature that really should be de rigueur for every color-tunable bulb on the market), a candle flicker mode, and a music visualizer that lets the bulb change color and brightness in time with music that’s detected by your device’s microphone. If all that’s not enough party for you, there’s also a strobe light.

A scheduling system is also included

Lifx provides a bulb that has both fantastic utility and lots of fun features, making it ideal for almost any environment . The Wi-Fi-only delivers superior range to give you far more flexibility in where you place the bulbs, and the company says only one bulb must be in range of your router.


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