Lenovo Mirage Solo

About the product

- Stow away the phones, expensive PCs and cumbersome cables.

- Just experience awesome VR-without the extra hassle. 

- With Worldsense technology, you can move naturally.

- Truly explore your virtual world, free from external sensors.

- Mirage Solo sports a stand-out look that begs to be worn. 

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No Phone. No PC. No Cable. Just Awesome VR

Meet Mirage Solo: The world's first standalone VR Headset with Google Daydream. Stow away the phones, the expensive PCs and the cumbersome cables and just enjoy awesome, high-quality VR without any extra hassle. Deploy Google’s powerful WorldSense technology to lean, dodge, duck, move, avoid obstacles, and move naturally through an ever-growing library of virtual worlds. You can even get the full picture in your virtual world without turning your head, thanks to a 110° Field of View. The future of VR has arrived.

Standalone. No Strings Attached

The first to offer true, unfettered freedom through standalone virtual reality, Mirage Solo delivers the same immersive capabilities as PC-powered virtual reality experiences, with none of the baggage. Slide the headset on, and get ready to experience the virtual world. No wires, no extra sensors, no extra cost or complexity.

Move Naturally with WorldSense

Lean and duck to navigate your way through tight spaces, jump to traverse pitfalls and dodge to avoid incoming projectiles. Objects and landscapes stay fixed in place no matter where you tilt or move your head. WorldSense allows 6 degrees of freedom, a new technology by Google that understands your movement in space without the need to set-up any external sensors.

A Powerful Engine, Built for Seamless, Free-roam Virtual Reality

The Mirage Solo equips you to get the most out of Daydream’s virtual reality experiences. The headset is powered by the advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 VR platform and 4GB of RAM. This powerful engine pushes your experience to its full potential, whether you’re dodging enemy attacks in effortless real time or wandering through an ancient forest temple steeped in lore and mystery.

Designed to Disappear

A device shouldn’t get in the way of experiencing virtual reality. The Mirage Solo was ergonomically designed so you can comfortably stay immersed in that virtual world for long periods of time. The Mirage Solo is light, adjustable and fine-tuned for comfort and balanced load distribution - eliminating friction and strain against the bridge of your nose. The headset is precisely adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit.

Broaden Your Horizons And Your Sight Lines

The Mirage Solo increases the angle of your line of sight with a 110-degree field of view, one of the widest in its category. Now, you can see more than ever on the headset’s ultra-high-resolution displays, which features Lenovo advanced display technology, a revolutionary, VR-optimized LCD display that renders exceptional clarity designed exclusively for Daydream.

View And Share Your Own Vr Content

Combine the Mirage Solo with the Mirage Camera with Daydream  and you can seamlessly experience and create your own immersive virtual reality content. This VR180 camera makes it simple to wirelessly upload your creations to Google Photos and YouTube and share with friends and family.

What is in the box

Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream, Wireless Daydream Motion, Controller, Travel Adapter, USB Type-C Cable, 3.5 mm Earphones, User Manual, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card.

Item Weight

645 g

Product Dimensions 

204.01 x 269.5  x 179.86 mm


Moonlight White
Operating System
Daydream 2.0
LCD, QHD (2560 x 1440)
Color Depth Display
16.7 Million
Dual 6-Degrees-of-Freedom Tracking Cameras
3 DOF Wireless Daydream Motion Controller
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Android N Pro Audio, 3.5mm Audio Jack with Dual Microphones
Memory RAM
4 GB
4000 mAh Li-ion Polymer
Battery life
2.5 hours
Wireless Connectivity
WLAN: WiFi 802.11 ac/n 2x2 MIMO Dual Band, Bluetooth 5.0 + BLE


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