Leica M10-D Camera

About the product

- Hard switch for quick access to Wi-Fi.

- Built-in Exposure Compensation dial on rear.

- Integrated fold-out thumb rest, quiet shutter.

- Compatible with Visoflex EVF for Live View Capture.

- Works perfectly with Leica FOTOS app.

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Digital Body. Analog Soul

The Leica M10-D brings the unique experience of analog photography back into the digital world. While modern photography encounters an overwhelming number of features and functions, the M10-D is a bold statement of a conscious focus on the essentials of both the philosophy and function of photography.

Focuses on the desires of making pictures

With no rear display, minimal yet effective controls, and an extremely quiet shutter, the Leica M10-D focuses on the desires of many photographers to concentrate solely on the act of making pictures. In place of the screen, it offers a mechanical on/off switch with dedicated Wi-Fi shortcut and a dial for direct control of exposure compensation.

Improving handling

The absence of a display makes the M10-D look much like its analog forebears, and an integrated fold-out thumb rest atop the camera completes the analog look while improving handling. Aesthetics aside, the Leica M10-D by no means limits itself to analog austerity. Its ability to pair with the Leica FOTOS App provides all the capabilities offered by a modern digital camera of superior quality and truly exceptional charm. 

The mechanical exposure compensation dial

The Leica M10-D is the first digital M-Camera to feature a mechanical control element for exposure compensation. Instead of a monitor screen, the setting dial is located precisely where the earlier ISO setting wheel once lived and calls back memories of the days of analog photography.

Your smartphone is your monitor

Despite its intense concentration on an analog photographic experience, the M10-D is by no means limited only to this. It is up to the photographer to decide how much of the digital and analog experience should be balanced, by pairing the M10-D with the new Leica FOTOS App.

Item Weight

660 g (1.46 lb / 23.28 oz)

Product Dimensions 

139 x 38 x 80 mm (5.47 x 1.5 x 3.15″)
Body covering made from genuine leather


Support to APP
Leica FOTOS 
 iOS and Android
Effective pixels
24 megapixels
Sensor size
Full frame (35.8 x 23.9 mm)
BP-SCL5 lithium-ion battery
Metering modes
Multi, Center-weighted, Spot


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