Leeo Smart Alert Smoke

About the product

- Monitors your existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms 24/7.

- Provides emergency services phone number based on your home's address.

- Calls friends and family for backup if you don't respond to smoke.

- Requires iPhone 4S or later running iOS 8+ or Android phone with Bluetooth 4.0.

- Personalize the color to fit your mood or decor, with over 16 million color options.

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You can listen, dismiss, or notify local 911 from wherever you are

Leeo Smart Alert is the smart, plug-in safety device that lets you know via smartphone if your home’s smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) alarms go off while you’re away. What’s more, there are no monthly fees and it works with the smoke and CO alarms you already have, giving you connected home security without the cost. Added security when seconds count.

In a fire or CO leak, acting fast can make all the difference

 Leeo listens for alarms and notifies you the moment it hears one, so you can take action from wherever you are. You can listen to the alarm, dismiss the notification, or contact local 911 — all right from the app. With over 16 million soothing colors, peace of mind has never looked better.Leeo blends seamlessly into any home, while the ambient light setting turns on a soft light when it’s dark.

No installation. No monthly fees

Because Leeo works with the alarms you already have, there’s no complicated setup. And with no monthly fees, Leeo makes peace of mind very affordable. Just plug it in, connect to your home’s WiFi, and you’re good to go. Easily change the color right in the app for soothing or dramatic lighting effects. Simply rotate the outer ring to change the brightness.

Two-minute setup

Leeo works with your existing, up-to-code smoke and CO alarms. Just plug it in and connect to your home’s WiFi for the easiest installation ever.Because Leeo listens for the frequency of your existing smoke/CO alarms, you only need one — and not 7 or 8 — for a typical home. Leeo knows your home’s local emergency number and calls friends and family members you choose if you’re away from your phone.


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