Latch M Series Intelligent Door Lock

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Open and manage every door in an apartment building from a smartphone.Unlock with the app .Type in a doorcode.

Use your keycard. Unlock your smart home with ease when you have the Latch M Series Intelligent Door Lock.

This system offers an array of access options so you’ll never find yourself locked out.

You can use your smartphone and a simple tap, a smartcard, or even an access code.

Residents and building operators can share access confidently and securely with trusted visitors when they are away.


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We’re used to buying smart home devices for our own personal use, but this new kind of smart lock won’t be available to individual consumers. Instead, Latch is making its first smart door lock available to real estate developers, so that apartments will come fully equipped with the high-tech entry system.

Because Latch is a smart lock, there are no keys required; the lock is operated by passcode and smartphone integrations. Latch can open with a traditional key, but its creators stress the passcode as the primary operation for locking and locking the door.In addition, you get full security with the built-in camera. When someone approaches, the Latch M Series automatically takes a snap to record it.

Additionally, the Latch M Series has impeccable property management features. Landlords and managers also get to implement a lock-out, access staff and service audit trails, and more. Best of all, everything is manageable online with the Latch software. The M Series comes in gold, silver, and black to seamlessly integrate with your home.


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