Kwikset Keyless Deadbolt

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- Get keyless entry and monitor your door with Amazon Key.

- Easily control who has the access to your home.

- Create up to 30 user codes for family members, friends, and your dog walker.

- Experience true keyless convenience because there is no keyway.

- Exterior touchscreen for easy entry and guest access.

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Kwikset Obsidian Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt

A sleek, modern lock offering a stylish touchscreen designed with security in mind.

Stylish. Modern. Secure

This style-forward lock is the future of door hardware. Named after the volcanic rock, Obsidian is a visually striking touchscreen that eliminates traditional keyways and opts for a low profile, contemporary design to deliver a stylish, modern smart lock that is secure, innovative and convenient.

Cutting-edge design

When designing Obsidian, Kwikset created the sleekest smart lock available. Obsidian's style-forward design seamlessly blends with any home's decor and offers key-free convenience with its capacitive touchscreen.

SecureScreen keeps you safe

SecureScreen provides additional security by employing random digits prior to entering your personal code to prevent fingerprint and code detection on the touchscreen surface. Activate the capacitive touchscreen by placing 3 or more fingers, or the palm/back of your hand, or a single touch to the bottom left corner of the screen until it illuminates.

You've got a backup power source

Obsidian features 9-volt terminals at the bottom of the deadbolt exterior that act as a backup power source in case the batteries run out. Use the 9-volt battery to quickly power the touchscreen by simply touching the battery prongs to the terminals. Then, enter your code as usual to open the door.

Kwikset Obsidian Keyless Standalone Touchscreen Deadbolt

The Obsidian keyless entry touchscreen smart lock with Home Connect technology enables the lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in home. The lock allows the user (through a third-party smart home controller/hub) to remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door and receive notifications via email or text. Obsidian is easy to install, program and use, and operates on 4 AA batteries.


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