Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale

About the product

- Modifications of the median, medieval, wide IMC, grave telescope.

- You can use this program to access data and charts.

- Use Meta BIA and technology "Step-on".

- Managing tracking of 16 users, through a simple configuration process.

- Ideal for fat loss and body strengthening due to individual training.

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Health tracking scale

Koogeek smart scale is an innovative and time efficient tool for a healthy lifestyle on the go. The scale measures your body’s data and lets you know how healthy your living environment is. It automatically syncs your data to your personalized dashboard available on the free Koogeek Health app. 

Measure 8 Body Composition Health Data

Just step on the Koogeek Bluetooth WiFi Smart Health Scale, it automatically syncs your weight, lean mass, fat mass, BMI, bone mass, body water, BMR and visceral fat via Bluetooth or WiFi to your Koogeek app on your iOS or Android device.

Upload Measurements via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Measurements automatically sync your datas via Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi. WiFi connection: The long range of WiFi is great for weighing anywhere. All data will be uploaded to your phone via our Cloud Server. Bluetooth connection: Bluetooth 4.0 enables fast real-time data syncing near the Scale.

16 Users Automatic Recognition

Designed for the whole family, the Koogeek Body Analyzer lets you easily create a user profile for each person in the household. It can automatic recognize 16 users. You can also invite your family and friends to enjoy the experience and choose to keep personal health reports private, or share.

Weighing Your Baby

New way to track the weight of your baby. You can weigh yourself at first, then step on the scale while holding your baby. Your baby's weight will be automatically calculated and synced to the Koogeek app.

Item Weight

61.72 oz  (1.77 kg)
Product Dimensions 
31.5 x 31.5 x 2.9 cm
Glass, ABS


iOS and Android
LED (blue) 
Support to APP
Koogeek app
Maximum weight
330 lb / 150 kg
Bluetooth 4.0
BMI, body fat, lean mass, water weight, & bone mass
Battery type
4 х AA batteries


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