Konke Smart Home Automation WiFi+IR

About product

• Smart home, made simple.

• Brilliant gives you control over all of your smart home devices.

• It replaces any existing light switch with voice and touch controls that work with your smart lights, climate control, music, locks, doorbells, and more.

• Support with Alexa/Google Assistant voice control-Remote control -Infrared remote.

• Select Smart Home Hub, enter your WI-FI password, and begin setup.

• Once setup is complete, you can create a name.


Best video reviews

Voice Control

Works great with Amazon Alexa Google Home Assistant,You can enjoy your hand-free voice control, Let the appliances do what you command.

APP control

Replace your pile of remotes and control your HUB-RC from anywhere in the world via APP.

Infrared remote

This allows you to control your TV and change the channels using your smart phone, control the air conditioner temperature,control any of your electronic devices that using IR signal.

Important Thing

Before you buy it, you should read carefully about the description. If you have any question in the process of using, please contact us first so that we can take care of any issues.


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