Klim Skill Gaming Mouse-Precision USB Computer

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• TAKE YOUR GAMING TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Equipment isn’t everything, but a good mouse will allow you to play to your full potential. The KLIM Skill gaming mouse offers you maximum precision. Our cutting edge anti-slippage sweat-prevention material coupled with the latest in response time components (boasting 2ms response time) and tailored ergonomics will give you perfect control over your mouse.

• TAKE CONTROL. Our KLIM driver (Windows only) allows you to choose your mouse sensitivity, to create your own macros and to configure all 7 buttons as you see fit and even to choose the lights you’d like to display. This being said the mouse will work perfectly fine without a driver.

• OPTIMISE YOUR ACCURACY. A recurring problem with many mice is that, although switching DPI is possible, you often cannot see your current DPI level. KLIM Skill gives you a visual indicator of the DPI level you’re currently on and allows you to switch sensitivity easily in order to reach optimal DPI for your convenience. It goes up to 4000 DPI, this being the maximum amount of useful DPI.

• STAY COMFORTABLE. This will probably be the very first thing you notice when you receive the mouse, how comfortable the grip is. Whether your hand is small or large it will sit perfectly atop the mouse. Avoid the all too common carpel tunnel syndrome which affects many gamers and has drastic consequences, often for life. Invest in your well-being!


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The KLIM Skill

KLIM Skill is a high performance very comfortable gaming mouse. Very responsive, it features a last generation optical sensor and it is built with state of the art fabrics which reduce sweating and slipperiness. Manage your sensitivity easily thanks to its groundbreaking smart backlighting system. Do you want to customize your KLIM Skill? We offer a very exhaustive driver for gamers who wish to customize everything. 

Customization software

KLIM Skill is much more than just a mouse. We designed a driver offering various customizable parameters. For instance, you can choose the KLIM Skill’s backlight color and change it very conveniently. You can also define macros and configure the KLIM Skill’s 7 buttons according to your wishes. Like a true multitasking tool, Skill will work perfectly even if you don’t use its driver.

Easy DPI management

Switching your mouse’s sensitivity according to the situation or the games became mainstream and it is not that easy to know what DPI you are using. KLIM Skill solves this issue and provides your sensitivity at any time through its DPI bar located on top of it. Fully customizable, it contains 8 sensitivity thresholds from 500 to 4000 DPI. Most brands are involved in a DPI race in order to offer the highest possible value. This is actually useless, it’s only a strategy to sell expensive mice.

Hands-on grip

As soon as you handle the KLIM Skill, you’ll be surprised by its delightful grip. A good handle is critical to avoid wrist pain when you play for many hours in a row. No matter your hand size, the KLIM Skill’s curves will adapt in order to offer an ideal comfort. The thumb rest is a welcome addition.

Professional gear available

KLIM works with many gaming professionals and cyber-athletes. We design and test our products with them before offering them to our clients. Thanks to this approach, we are sure that our products will meet the needs of the most demanding gamers. However, our main difference with foreign brands is that we offer our products at reasonable prices. This allows everyone, no matter how tight his budget, to play at his fullest potential without being limited by his gear.

A perfect control

KLIM Skill gaming Mouse allows you to play in the best available conditions. Fitted with a last generation optical sensor, the Skill’s response time is around 2 ms. KLIM Skill embeds the same sensor used by the largest gaming brands. KLIM Skill offers a perfect fit for your hand and its sides are covered by a new anti slip and anti sweat fabric. Very ergonomic and intuitive, Skill can handle a 4000 DPI sensitivity, the maximum useful value whatever your gaming style.


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