KeyWe Smart Door Lock

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• All features of the door lock can be set and controlled through the app . • The app will send an alarm when the battery is low . • Allow you to invite new users or guests . • Register multiple locks to one app . • Change the lock's hardware setting with the app. • Owners can control all the features of the lock from their smartphone. • For instance, they can invite guests, register multiple locks, and get an alarm when the battery is low.

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Some people prefer the traditional way and some prefer high tech but some of us are on the fence. This is why the KeyWe offers functionality through your smartphone's NFC function, a physical key and even a key card. If you're an Airbnb host or have guests staying - there's also the Guest Key function which works just like a hotel key! Modernize the way you protect your home with the KeyWe Smart Door Lock.

 Built with ANSI Grade 2 Deadbolt and durable materials, this lock is as secure and safe as they come. Likewise, it uses 128-bit AES encryption for the connection between the door lock and the app to provide encrypted signals.

 It is also always being updated to ensure eternal security. Furthermore, the app blocks logins and deletes all data if there is an attempt to jailbreak or if it detects any rooting. This smart lock offers six different ways to unlock the door. The unlocking options include Auto Lock & Unlock, Touchpad 20 Passcode, One Time Password, Guest Key, NFC and Mechanical Key.

 Similarly, the KeyWe can store up to 20 passcodes per door lock, allowing each user to have their own entry code. The KeyWe also supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave, offering a scalable solution.


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