About the product

- First-of-its-kind innovative wearable technology backpack.

- Fundamentally changes the concept of tech bags. 

- Breaks the norm and reinvents it to the next level. 

- A simplified, functional and hard-wearing backpack.

- Now it differs from all the backpacks you've ever seen.

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Next generation of tech bags

Backpack with an inbuilt display is the next generation of tech bags. Keeback has a customized flexible RGB display with 1044 pixels for animation, text, music spectrometer, etc. This is a speaker manufacturer working with leading world brands. Keeback offers great advantages that can guarantee saturated sound with deep bass using super light and powerful 10W speakers inside the casing.

Built-in animations, text, and spectrometer

You can choose one of the animations pre-sets using an App or Mode buttons at the bottom of your Keeback. Feel free to create your own images. We plan to add new animations every month. Also, you can easily implement your ideas using Keeback open-source code.

Even when you're at home

Use Keeback in the street, especially at the night with music spectrometer animation. This is whole new thing you have never witnessed before. Our life-changing backpack is going to have a huge impact on your life, make it original and more interesting. 

Use Keeback on the roads

Monowheel, Segway, Scooter or Bike. Have you ever ridden a horse with a backpack on your back? )) You can charge your devices inside the bag when walking or outside of Keeback in other cases. Made of premium quality plastic, it can be worn in the sun, snow, and rain, but you can also take it to the mountains, beaches, almost anywhere. It has enough room for a 13-inch laptop and other important things you may want to carry.

Easy On/Off, without opening the bottom cap 

Switch your Keeback on easily when you're going somewhere, just push on a bottom rubber cap, if you want to change the animation or text saved in Keeback system. You can also open the cap to choose what you like. Keeback is still a backpack and you can put a lot of items inside: documents, some cloth or even your 13-inch laptop.

What's in Box

1x Keeback backpack, 1x Straps kit, 1x Box, 1x Charge adapter.

Item Weight

1950 grams
Plastic ABS-PC


White, Black
Keeback App for Android/IOS


1044 pixels for animation, text, music spectrometer

Charging time

2 hours
Battery life
Up to 8 hours at maximum volume, up to 16-24 hours medium
4X Panasonic NCR18650B provide 13600 mAh 
Ideal for any height
1.5+ m  (left) - 1.85 m (right)


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Kids Gadgets

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Smart Garden

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