Juno Smart Makeup Mirror

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The JUNO Smart Mirror is the ultimate makeup game changer.

With three levels of mirror lighting for (sunlight, daylight, and evening lighting) you can make sure your makeup will look on-point no matter what time of day you step out of the house.

Also, the built-in ring light helps you nail Insta-ready selfies.

Cord-free, rechargeable power source that last up to one week.

The JUNO Smart Mirror also has an adjustable reading light! So you can just flip the mirror back to use it as nightstand or deskside lamp.


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Make sure your makeup hours are well lit up with the JUNO Smart Makeup Mirror. This light gives you three natural shades – sunlight, daylight and evening.

You can choose to light up your makeup hours depending on the timing of the day. The purpose is to ensure you get the best lighting conditions for the perfect makeup.

When not in use as a mirror, you can transform it into a reading light with the flick of a wrist. The studio lighting conditions will give you the ideal selfie light you require.

The device also comes with a corresponding mobile app. You can use it to detect the lighting in your environment. That way, the smart makeup mirror will be able to auto-adjust itself for setting up the best lighting condition.

Use the on-app mirror to adjust for the mirror's specific light warmth. Save your favorite light settings. Bookmark and quickly access your favorite settings. Reading light. Choose how bright you want your reading light to be directly on- screen.


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