JBL Link View

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The integrated display on the JBL Link View allows you to get things done easily.

With voice assist built in, you can free up your hands to focus on things that matter most.

Make a video call to your best friend, watch your favorite Youtube videos.

The JBL Link View features an 8 inch high definition touch screen.

A built in camera shutter and microphone mute switch ensure the highest level of security and privacy.


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 JBL Link View Voice-Activated Wireless Smart Speaker with HD Touch Screen

See what Google Assistant is telling you with this JBL Link View smart display. Its 8-inch color touch-screen display lets you watch videos and read information you requested from Google, and it has a 5-megapixel camera with a PrivacySwitch feature for making video calls. Enjoy online entertainment via the Chromecast built-in to this JBL Link View smart display. 

Product description

Featuring a splash-proof construction, practical voice-command support, large touchscreen, and a proprietary JBL transducer array, the JBL Link View Google Voice Activated Speaker lets you enjoy clear and rich multimedia playback at home while easily managing different tasks handsfree. It also has a 5MP front-facing camera for making video calls and a PrivacySwitch system to mute the built-in microphone and close the camera shutter when not in use.

Integrating Google Assistant

The JBL Link View Google Voice Activated Speaker lets you start with “Hey Google” and start asking questions or giving out different commands to open multimedia content, manage tasks, view answers, and even control your smart home.

Equipped with two 51mm full-range drivers and a specially-tuned digital amplifier, the JBL Link View speaker delivers crisp and powerful stereo audio output with deep bass and crystal-clear highs when playing your favourite tunes.

Made with an 8-inch HD touchscreen, this Google Voice activated speaker provides detailed and vibrant visuals and serves as an intuitive control interface, whether you’re watching videos on YouTube, viewing memorable pictures, or reading instructions for baking cookies.For easy wireless streaming, this JBL speaker has Chromecast built-in to play music, radio, or podcasts directly from your connected mobile device. The speaker can also be paired with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.


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