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- Compact design makes it easy to ride through tight spaces.

- Intuitive control, smooth ride, easy to ride through narrow spaces.

- Gearless differential that enables smooth.

- Efficient turns while staying effortlessly balanced.

- Uses the highest highest quality battery, motor, electronic components.

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Ride IOTAtrax. Be Free

The IOTAtrax is a versatile personal vehicle designed for both transportation and play. This is THE next big thing in rideable tech. The compact design gives plenty of foot room while providing the rider more space to navigate tight sidewalks, avoid obstacles, and maneuver around furniture and through doorways.

Patent Pending Turning System

The IOTAtrax features a gearless differential syste that enables it to make smooth and efficient turns while staying effortlessly balanced. IOTAtrax is a compact style hoverboard placing the two wheels in the middle and foot pads on each side.

Lightweight and Portable

With an 8″ tire diameter and a weight of only 15 pounds, the IOTAtrax reaches new levels of portability and convenience. It’s ultra-compact design gives you the freedom to go anywhere.

Designed for Quality and Performance

The IOTAtrax uses the highest quality battery, motor, electronic components and firmware available in the field of rideable tech, as well as a durable genuine leather carrying handle. The water resistant casing allows you to ride through rain and small puddles.

Item Weight

15 lbs / 7 kg 


7″ / 17.8 cm
8″ / 20 cm inflatable 


White / black
Max. Speed
6 mph / 9.7 kph 
Max. Range
8 miles / 13 km 
Max. Load
180 lbs / 81 kg 

Charging time

Approx. 60 minutes
100Wh lithium ion
Battery Life
~6 miles
Max Incline


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Smart Security Systems

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