Intelitopia Meat Thermometer

About the product

- The product can be connected with the App, tempmeter.

- Can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play for free.

- The thermometer is equipped with six color coded stainless steel probes.

- The temperature range is 32-572 .

- Can do other things when the food is being cooked in the oven or the grilling.

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Monitoring Any Stuff You Want

Preset/Custom Temperature Profiles: Preset profiles follows USDA food safety temperature for beef, pork, veal, poultry and/or fish. Compatible w/ Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless: Monitor multiple probes using bluetooth 5.0 compatibility technology paired with smart device. Programmable Timer: Customizable alert notifications on paired smart device will ring or vibrate when food is ready.

Accurate colored probes

High Temperature Rated Food Grade Stainless Steel Probes: 6x colored probes rated at 450 Fahrenheit. Bright Liquid Crystal Display: Optimized visibility for indoor and outdoor cooking. Wireless Remote Control: Smart device app will aid you to know the temperature of the food. Intelitopia wireless bluetooth meat thermometer, ensures your meat is cooked to the proper temperature and can help you create dishes of perfection!

You can choose the type of meat you are cooking, the app and device will alert you when it's ready to eat

Our preset profiles for proper food serving temperatures are set according to USDA food safety guidelines. The probes can withstand temperatures up to 450 Fahrenheit so you can cook with peace of mind while you are away from the grill, stove, grill or oven. The thermometer’s screen is made from LCD, which takes up two thirds of the thermometer, thus the user can read the temperature and numbers clearly on the thermometer without standing extremely close to the oven or the smoker.

Intelitopia: convenience of cooking

The thermometer can be connected with the App, tempmeter via the bluetooth, so the user can set the ideal temperature of each food in advance on the App and then the alarm will notify the user that food is ready on time and the user needs to get the food out, which means the user can do other things when the food is being cooked in the oven or the grilling.


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