InMotion Lively

About the product

- New electric scooter - powerful and comfortable.

- Speed: up to 25 km / h, autonomy: from 30 to 35 km.

- Battery: sony Lithium 48 V 8 Ah, charging time: about 4-5 hours.

- Communication Interface: Bluetooth 4.0.

- Tires Type: rubber pneumatic tires.

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It cool you down by its cool look            

The design is derived from top-drawer supercars, the red color of LaFerrari go with V linear body, it cool you down by its cool look. The main body is made from ADC23 avian-grade aluminum alloys and shaped by one-time ultra precision mold. In order to give you the most comfortable riding experience, it has been tested for thousands times to make it suitable for Asian.


Compact Structure folding

Simple design idea. Optimized folded design of locking mechanism, making the movement more convenient. Cruice Control System, riding more easily: LCD could show the speed in time.


Strong Shock Absorbing

It gives you great vibration dampening of military level with 8 inch rubber pneumatic tire and steel string spring of 65 manganese. Lively has gone through more than 60 professional tests which covers 200.000 km. No matter how uneven the road is. it can offers you no vibration tour.


Ride wildly

E-scooter Lively uses the latest dynamic DC motor and ultra sensible power control system, therefore, it takes only 0.05s to accelerate from 0 to 25km/h. High-performance braking conponant and decelerating system avails it great performance in accelerate and decelerate.


Stable and Secure Battery Pack

The lithium battery used in scooters are imported from panasonic/Samsung/LG. With 8Ah capacity, it can be used continuously for 30km. With high performance battery management system (8MS). it can accurately calculation the life of each battery, so as to protect the battery.


It light up your way home

LED headlight can light up the road for 15m. Making it safety when riding in the dark. It will bring the most comfortable riding posture.


Safety is the new beauty

The inducive taillight turn to the lightlighting mode when the scooter stops, the timely change safeguard you through out your trip. An enhanced version from its predecessor L6.


InMotion APP

InMotion APP provide control of LIVELY function and also a social platform to connect all InMotion owners together to share experiences. Retain its V style streamline design and improve to one-step folding mechanism. Now fit with integrated headlight and rear taillight.

Tire size 
8 ''
Maximum speed 
25 km / h
Maximum load 
100 kg
Maximum angle of inclination 
15 °
Range of stroke on one charge 
Up to 30 km
Battery charging time 
5.5 hours
48 V
Capacity of the battery 
8000 mAh
Class of protection 


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