iMate Smart Multi-Port Apple Charger

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• Elevate your workspace and lifestyle with iMate.

• Compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro 13″ & 15″, all series of Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.

• Be more active and connected on-the-go.

• Charge and sync simultaneously with iMate dual PD fast charge power solution. One port for six more.The possibility is endles.

• Ultra-compact with powerful built-in features.

• There’s no need to pack along multiple adapters, dongles and hubs when you’re on the road with iMate.


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Satisfy all your charging needs in one place with the iMate Smart Multi-Port Apple Charger

This convenient device lets you plug in all of your Apple devices including your MacBook, iPhone, Apple Watch, and more. With more than enough ports, you can even plug them all in simultaneously.But, the iMate doesn’t just charge your devices. It charges three times faster than other systems.

Plus, you can simultaneously sync as you top up your battery thanks to the high-speed data transfer. And, there’s even an HDMI 4K port as well as an SD card reader for all of your needs.

Dual USB-C power

This docking station is complete with dual USB-C power delivery to deliver power to each and every one of your devices. Best of all, the iMate is totally portable and compact. You can easily put it in your bag or even your pocket to maximize your workflow anywhere you go. iMate is the ultra-compact docking station that delivers power and seamless connectivity for all Apple devices at the same time.


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