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• Morning Call 5Q is Wireless Charging Alarm Clock with Qi Certified as well as USB alarm clock. You can charge two devices at the same time with a Qi certified wireless charging pad and a USB port.

• Simply place your Qi enabled device on the top of the unit and connect another device via USB port. Charge all at your bedside.

• Get a clear view of the time on the beautiful 1.2'' white Jumbo LED Display from almost any part of the room. You can adjust the level of brightness with dimmer button (high, low, and off) for your sensitive eyes.

• Do you have different wake up schedule from your roommate? Set separate alarms and wake up to FM Radio or buzzer with snooze at your convenience. You can also set up repeated schedule of one day, everyday, every weekday, or every weekend.

• Listen to digital FM radio with up to 10 preset stations right at your bedside. Extend the antenna to enhance the signal. You can fall asleep while listening to your favorite music with the auto-off sleep timer.


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As technology evolves, the alarm clock also need to adapt to the new trend

Morning Call 5Q is equipped with Qi certified wireless charging pad so that you can simply place Qi enabled device on the top of the alarm clock. It’s ultimately safe and comes with all features you can expect from an alarm clock including. 1.2” Jumbo LED display, USB charging port, dual alarm, FM radio with 10 preset stations, sleep timer, snooze button, dimmer, and back up battery. Upgrade your alarm clock as your lifestyle upscaled!

Wireless and USB charing - 2 Way Support

1. Wirelss charger can charges through most cases of PC or TPU material up to 0.12” (3mm).

2. USB port help to charge smartphone or other device. Just connect one end of the USB charging cable (not included) to the USB charging port on the back of the main unit.

1.2" Jumbo Display

No longer do you have to put your glasses on to read the time! You can see it even anywhere in the room. The Morning Call5Q is centered around a beautiful, illuminating 1.2’’ jumbo LED clock.

Radio Alarm Clock with Sleep timer

Listen to digital FM radio with loud speaker. You can fall asleep with the auto-off sleep timer as weil. Just set up the timer it will be turned off automatically.

Dual Alarm

The special dual alarm feature allows you to set two alarms at once so you and your spouse / roommate can go about your days your own schedules.

3 level dimmer brightness (high, low, and off)

A bright display bothers your sleep at night? You can control the brightness of the display you want. 3 level dimmer will be protect your sensitive eyes.

Best Alarm Clock For Kids

Do you know how to get your kids to wake Up happy? Morning Call5 Q is specifically designed for the school kids. Let's try it!

Morning Call 5Q

Morning Call 5 is another amazing “brother” device which has a wireless Qi charging station and also a USB charging cord for other devices. It allows charging for two devices including a dual alarm clock so that it could be assigned for different people at different times. Not to mention that it also has the jumbo LED display to easily see the time so that you will never be late.


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