Ili Language Translator

About the product

- Finding wifi can be a pain, unlike other translation apps.

- ili translator is optimized for one-way translation.

- ili can translate from English to Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

- ili translator is your best bet to help you on your next trip.

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 ili is the world’s fastest offline translator designed for travelers

It can translate your words into other languages in as little as 0.2 seconds without an internet connection. It’s simple to use, all you need to do is pressing the button and speaking into it. Developed by Logbar, a Japanese startup, ili has been used by over 50,000 travelers around the world.

ili has also received high praise from outlets such as Forbes.ili gives you a chance to explore different countries in brand new and exciting ways. Shop, dine, and navigate easier than ever thanks to ili’s translation technology. 

Say hello to the locals and introduce yourself

You’re bound to meet someone special. ili currently translates from English to Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese. Updates will be available in the near future. ili is made for your travels ili can translate your words in as little as 0.2 second without any internet connection. It’s portable and wearable so that you can take ili to anywhere you want.ili allows for quick communication and helps you dine, navigate, and shop.


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