Ikan Tilta Max Armor-Man 2 Gravity

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- Compatible with Tilta Gravity, DJI Ronin, Free fly Movi, various systems.

- Quick release dual spring arms with adjustable tension control.

- Swivel down spring arms can be clipped along your waist for resting.

- Adjustable vest for a comfortable custom fit.

- V-Lock battery plate with 4-Pin Lemo power socket.

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The Tilta Armor-Man 2 is the ultimate support system for 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers such as the Tilta Gravity, DJI Ronin, Free fly MoVI, and any other gimbal with a dual hand grip design. An upgrade to the original Armor-Man, the Armor-Man 2 has been improved with smart new features to meet the needs of today's camera operating professionals.

The Ikan Tilta Max Armor-Man 2 Gravity, Ronin, & Movi Gimbal Exoskeleton Support (ARM-T02) is a second generation Steadicam device.  Rather than having one spring support arm coming from the front of a vest to hold a camera, there are now two arms coming from the back.

This is a more complicated but more ergonomic solution. Although this device is designed specifically to hold a camera gimbal it could theoretically be used for other applications.

The Tiltamax (Tilta) Armor-Man 2 is a passive exoskeleton designed for camera gimbal support

It comes with two different types of spring arms, one that connects directly to a camera gimbal and one that supports the forearms.  This type of passive exoskeleton could be applied to other applications beyond camera operation.


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