Husqvarna Automower Lawn Mower

About the product

- Manage your lawn with the touch of a button.

- Automower knows how to smartly maneuver around your yard.

- Knows, when return to the charging station for a battery recharge.

- Allowing the fine grass clippings to act as natural fertilizer for your grass.

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Thanks to its unique cutting system, Husqvarna Automower will work discreetly and quietly at all hours of the day

When Husqvarna Automower needs more power, it finds its own way back to the charging station. Husqvarna Automower cuts a little at a time, ensuring a lusher, healthier lawn. It’s equipped with sharp, razor-like blades comprised of durable carbon steel and mounted on a robust cutting disc system. As a result, Automower delivers precise and efficient cuts.

Set it and Forget it

Automower will give you a carpet-like lawn by maintaining your grass rather than mowing it. The difference between maintaining and mowing? It’s the difference between a good lawn and a perfect lawn. Automower cuts just a little grass at a time, naturally fertilizing the soil with miniscule clippings. As a result, your grass always looks neat, green and healthy. When you see the results, you’ll wonder why you didn’t adopt Automower sooner. 

Connect HOME Bluetooth solution

Automower Connect HOME, gives you full control of the mower right in your smartphone. You can easily send start, stop and park commands, check and adjust the settings. Bluetooth communication works up to 30 meters range. This is a standard feature for all 300-400 series.

Advanced 4-wheeled robotic mower for larger and more complex grass areas. Suitable for medium sized areas up to 1/3 acre and can also handle slopes with an incline of 40%. Smart technology adapts the amount of mowing to the lawn’s growth rate, enables spot mowing of a limited area of longer grass and guides the mower through narrow passages.

Mower will spend less time mowing, decreasing wear and tear on both mower and lawn

No two lawns are exactly alike. Fortunately, Husqvarna Automower has installation kits that are customizable to any yard. Simply lay the guide wire, and Automower will take care of the rest. You can place the charging station practically anywhere. When power is needed, Automower finds its own way back to the charging station. Rain or shine, Automower will deliver fantastic results. 

Husqvarna Automower is ready to mow your lawn on sunny days and stormy nights

Thanks to innovative blade resistance technology, Automower adjusts its working time to the lawn’s growth rate and rain saturation.The intuitive menu system on the large, user-friendly display allows personal settings for when you'd like the machine to mow. When Automower needs more power, it finds its own way back to the charging station. Snap-covers in different colors are available as options.


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