HTC Vive Cosmos VR

About the product

- Designed with the lightest weight, best-in-class resolution.

- The gamer-friendly controls & seamless tracking on the VIVE COSMOS.

- Controllers are designed to give you greater control of your VR experience.

- The all-new HTC VIVE COSMOS is designed to be sleek & comfortable.

- Immersion in VR without a long connection and setup.

Best video reviews

Beyond Reality

Introducing VIVE Cosmos, the new premium VR system that opens up a new vision for the virtual world. It adapts to your needs and desires with amazing ease and versatility. A fantastic journey awaits you, whether you are familiar with VR or a newbie. VIVE Cosmos is a device that will exceed your expectations.

VR without borders

Get ready for awesome graphics, live sound and complete immersion. At home, in the office or visiting friends - the possibilities are endless with the all-new VIVE tracking system. Introducing the sharpest high-resolution screens. The integrity of the image makes the picture in VR lively and realistic.

Brand New VIVE Tracking System

With precise tracking, gesture recognition and 6 degrees of freedom of the helmet and controller, VIVE Cosmos provides an immersive VR experience. The all-new VIVE controllers seamlessly and seamlessly work with the VIVE tracking system. Universal design, convenient for gamers, suitable for any type of VR content.

Quick and easy setup

The completely new VIVE tracking system allows you to start using the device almost immediately, without installation. Did you suddenly get a call while in VR? No problem. By raising the helmet screen, you can quickly switch between reality and the virtual world without interrupting your immersion.

New era of VR design

Every inch of VIVE Cosmos has been designed to provide comfort and convenience; putting it on, you will feel like it was created especially for you. It is designed so that it can be easily put on and removed, as well as to spend a lot of time comfortably in the virtual world.

Head comfort

With a new design, the helmet is easy to put on and take off while keeping your hair style. Thanks to the comfortable weight distribution, the helmet feels very light. All materials are soft, light and breathable, especially for your comfort.

What’s in the box

Headset Vive Cosmos, two touch controllers, Headset cable, AA batteries, video output.

Item Weight
651g (~1.43 pounds)


6 inside-out sensors


2880 x1700
Refresh Rate
90 Hz
LCD with red, green and blue subpixels per pixel
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
microSD card slot up to 2TB
Integrated, flip-up design
Optically tracked
USB & DisplayPort, Vive Wireless Adapter, teased connectivity with smartphone


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