HPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit

About the product

- The softbox is made of high-quality PET, energy efficient bulbs.

- 210° rotatable head & adjustable stand, suitable for various photography.

- Constructed from aluminum alloy, the light stand features exceptional strength.

- The softbox does not release toxic.

- Unpleasant odours when the bulb is continuously lighting.

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Double Light Double Power

Equipped with 2 bulbs which is 85 W could support equal with 800W illumination of fluorescent lamp. You have no need to worry about the light will be glaring or dark when you are taking photos indoor by using this softbox kit. A large bag could contain all the contents of softbox plus your extra things such as lens and tripod. In this way, you could carry the softbox to everywhere you want to go.

201°Rotatable Head & Aluminum Stand

Do you still tell your model to adjust their gesture to fit your shooting or posing them by yourself? It’s not a problem anymore once you use this softbox because the softbox head could be rotatable and the stand is adjustable. The bulb on the softbox could be replaceable. So you could use the bulb in the package or the bulb you already have. The bulb is standard E27 socket.

High Quality Material

The softbox is maintains good reflective performance in a relatively closed softbox environment and under long-term bulb heating. Meanwhile, the softbox does not release toxic and unpleasant odours when the bulb is continuously lighting.Whether it's portrait shooting, fashion photo shoots, children's photo shoots or still life shots, this softbox is easy to create the perfect lighting for indoors shooting, making photos more attractive.

Item Weight

9.8 pounds (4.4 kg)
Product Dimensions 
27.6 x 7.9 x 8.3 inches (70.1 x 20 x 21.1 cm)


2 Softbox With 2 Bulbs
2 x 85 W CFL
Color temperature
5500 K
 Softbox can rotate
Column design
Screw thread tip
Aluminum alloy, the light stand


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Kids Gadgets

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