Homtime Alarm Clock with Radio

About the product

• Compatible with iPhone XS/iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 8/Galaxy S8/S7/S7 edge/S6 and other devices with wireless charging functions. No need to take off the phone case. • The fully enclosed speakers provide enhanced audio and bass.4 steps brightness control (High,Middle,Low,OFF) fits your request during daytime and nighttime. • Make it dim by pressing big rotary button at night for a seamless and uninterrupted sleep. • Easy to set the alarm time and the alarm time is able to be seen on the LCD display. The alarm ringtone becomes louder gradually. • Simply press FM button to turn on FM radio. With 20 radio station storage, store any of your favourite stations for easy and quick listening. • We guarantee 18 Month product warranty and perfect after-sale service.The alarm clock charger is FCC,CE and ROHS certified.

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About Homtime

Homtime established in 2000, offers full lines of alarm clock radio with charging function, Bluetooth speakers with USB charging port, MFi certified iPhone docking stations in Audio and Clock field. Customer Origented policy enhance us to bring you all satisfied products and perfect purchase experience.

About Homtime Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio

Everything you want in this multi-functional alarm clock radio. It is a Bluetooth speaker with alarm clock and radio which can meet all of your daily requirements. Small size, but powerful functions. Built-in high quality loudspeakers, enjoy music everyday!

Charging Two Devices Simultaneously and Safely

Built-in a USB charging port on the back of the device for charging any USB devices via cable. 3A UL certified power adapter supports wireless charging and USB charging simultaneously and safely. Built-in surge protection to protect against overcharging, surges and overheating, ensuring the delivery of steady power output to your device.

Turn off & Cancel the Alarm

Press and hold SNOOZE/DIMMER for 3 seconds to turn off the alarm when the alarm is on(Recommend). Or press ALARM button once to turn off the alarm when it is alarming. To Cancel the alarm, press ALARM button once when the alarm is not alarming.

Back-up Button Battery

1pc CR2032 button battery is included in the package, assemble it into the unit for time back-up. The battery is to retain the clock setting in case of a power failure. It can not display the clock time if the power adapter is not connected. The alarm will not work when it is operated by battery.

Wireless Charging

1A wireless charging current for mobiles. It is compatible with iPhone X,iPhone 8 and other mobiles with wireless charging function. No more messy cables.

Stereo FM Radio

Stereo FM radio delivers clear sound. With 20 station storage, store any of your favourite stations for easy and quick listening. FM radio can be set to wake up you everyday.

Bluetooth for Wireless Streaming

Playing music from mobiles or tablets wirelessly via Bluetooth. Handsfree function let you answer the phone call freely. High quality sound performance, enjoy your music.



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