HOBOT-268 Window Cleaning

About the product

- Vacuum engine held without magnets.

- Minimum surface size - 15х15 inch, for any glass thickness.

- 3 programs for automatic cleaning of surfaces.

- Robot works with power cord only.

- Defines the edges of frameless glass and mirrors.

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Introducing the robot HOBOT-268 

The fastest robot for cleaning glass surfaces in history. The engineers used our favourite design as their template and completely changed the content. We kept the vacuum motor from HOBOT-188, but added two additional cleaning wheels, increasing moving speed to 4,7 inch per second, significantly reducing cleaning time of large surfaces. Due to the addition of a new generation of microfiber cloths and a double passage of each glass, the cleaning quality is on par with the legendary HOBOT-188.

Not satisfied with how corners are cleaned? With HOBOT-268 square cloths, the whole surface of the window will be cleaned to the last inch! Result? HOBOT-268 is a compact robot with huge possibilities for large windows.

Power cleaning

Powerful vacuum motor firmly secures the robot on virtually any surface. Microfiber cloth removes dirt and dust from the glass surface.

Laser sensor

A laser sensor is used to determine the edges of a surface to be cleaned. Thus, HOBOT-268 easily cleans not only windows, but also frameless doors and mirrors.

Effective Movement

HOBOT-268 is equipped with two caterpillars, which quickly move at a speed of 4,7 inch per second. The robot cleans at a rate of one square meter per 2.4 minutes.

Safe Construction

Built-in UPS (uninterruptible power supply) prevents the robot from falling • Control algorithm with fall protection • Automatic detection of obstacles and window frames • High tensile strength of the tether (150 Kgf).

Any Surface

HOBOT-268 uses a powerful centrifugal pump, which keeps the pressure steady even during a small leak. Due to this technology, the robot can move on a variety of surfaces. Window film. Mirrored glass. Rough glass. Mosaic glass. Tiles.

High Structural Reliability

Automatically adjustable pneumatic pad accounts for movement and holds the discharge between the tracks and cleaning cloths. HOBOT-268 is capable of cleaning the dirtiest of glass surfaces.

Two Types of Microfiber Cloths

HOBOT-268 provides two types of cleaning cloths: blue for dry cleaning, and yellow for wet cleaning and polishing. A large area of cloths effectively cleans dust and other pollutants. It’s also perfect for reaching the edges. This produces a static charge that helps to suck the particles of dust until washing.

Then, under the application of water, the charge stops and the dirt is easily washed away. Microfibers leave no traces of fiber, and without shedding or rolling down. They also absorb much more water and dirt than ordinary fabric. They are easily washed, quickly dry up, and serve for a long time.


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