HK Fitness Tracker HR

About the product

- Incoming call receiving, message receiving,  alarm clock.

- Calories, Continuous Heart Rate, Blood pressure monitor.

- Receive notifications from other Apps - Facebook, Twitter.

- Connect with app by Bluetooth if you wanna test functions.

- Including the language setting, it must be Sync from your cell phone.

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Heart Rate Monitor

HK fitness tracker is built in a heart rate tracker which can track your heart rate whole day.Whether you are exercising or sleeping, this fitness track monitor your heart rate 24 hours.

Blood Pressure Monitor

The bracelet uses a photoelectric sensor to capture the pulse waves at our wrists and analyze them to estimate our blood pressure and keep us informed. Monitor your blood pressure for 24 hours, providing a basis for adjusting your life style.

Sleep Monitor

It can monitor your sleep quality including deep or light sleep hours, awake hours, history sleep data. You can also set different alarm clocks in the app and it will vibrate to wake you up or remind you to do exercise, take medicine, etc.

24 hours Tracking Movements

HK fitness tracker tracks your heart rate, steps, calories burned, miles covered and active minutes, so that you can see if you have completed your current sports goals.You can view your day, week, month and year records through the app.

GPS tracker

This fitness tracker can track and record your movement path with GPS, which can be viewed through the "Yoho Sports" app. You can use the app to know where you are going today and how many miles you walk or run.


Message Call and Alarm Clock Reminder

it will vibrate to alert you if your phone receives a phone call, SMS text and SNS messages including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger, etc.Just enjoy the time together. This watch can remote control your phones's camera to capture the cherished moments.

Built-in USB Charge

You can charge you tracker everywhere, all you need is a usb port.You do not have to take traditional wire charger.A full charge can support 5-10 days using time. IP67 international waterproof and dustproof level,It is not necessary to remove it when washing your hands or washing others everyday life.

Item Weight 
1.6 ounces (45 g)
Product Dimension   
 55*19*8.5 mm wristband : 230 mm
TPU and ABS material
iOS & Android 
Display size
Display type
Sports Electronics Feature
Waterproof, Heart Rate Blood Pressure, Sleep Monitor, GPS
Wearable Device Department
Kids, Women, Men 
Lithium rechargeable battery

Battery Life

 7 days 

Charge type



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