HiSkin - Skin Analyzer

About the product

- Hydration and Pigmentation, professional level accuracy.

- HiSkin app for Android and iOS.

- Stay updated on your skin’s condition and needs.

- Whether youre at home, in the office, or on the go.

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A smart way to understand and record the changes in your skin

Get to know your skin better and help it radiate that healthy glow! Are you interested in understanding why you get that occasional annoying pigmentation or pesky sign of aging, or why your skin becomes dry, tight, and flaky sometimes? HiSkin can bring you the answers by unlocking your skin’s secrets.

HiMirror x HiSkin

The most comprehensive at-home skin analyzer in the world! 10 target factors will guide your at-home beauty routine to completion.

How HiSkin Works

HiSkin’s revolutionary design combines electronic and diffusion photon engineering to non-invasively analyze, detect, and track cuticle moisture and pigment precipitation in five areas (forehead, eyes, upper cheek, lower cheek, and neck).

Item Weight

35 g 

Product Dimensions 

7 cm x 4.5 cm x 1.9 cm 
Outer casing PVC, no halogen integrated circuit board


Android and iOS

Sensing Elements 

Environment-sensing element, Melanin, Hydration level detector
Moisture protection
Waterproof lever 
Battery type
Lithium battery
Rated Voltage
3.8 V
Rated Capacity
142 mAh


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Travel Gadgets

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Apple Accessories

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Pet Gadgets