HiMirror Smart Body Scale

About the product

- Compatible with Google Fit, Apple Health.

- HiMirror smart mirrors, check progress on-the-go with the HiFit 2.0 app.

- Range of exercise types and target different areas of the body.

- Meeting a variety of needs, smart body scale has neutral-colored plush.

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Track - Progress Record with HiFit 2.0

Setup and fully use your smart scale via the HiFit 2.0 app. Automatically sync your measurement results and easily review a historical record to see your progress over time and make sure you are on track to achieving your goals.

Body type index

HiMirror especially offers unique body type index, assess your muscle to fat ratios, to know which of the body types you're closest to will help you better tailor your diet and exercise plan to meet your needs, and set realistic, attainable goals that pave the way to your success.

More convenient

Easy smartphone setup with Bluetooth, automatically sync your data with Wifi to check them everywhere, every time. Offers unique LED Light around scale to remind of charging and analyzing in progress. Smart Body Scale comes with a unique, neutral-colored plush bathmat cover which allows it seamlessly blend in with any bathroom.

Share with Family

Create up to 4 unique user profiles, but your information is for your eyes only. Compatible with Google Fit, Apple Health, and HiMirror smart mirrors to fully track your health and fitness levels.

Item Weight

2 kg / 4.4 lbs

Product Dimensions 

Width 32cm / 12.6in, length 34cm / 13.4in, depth 1.8cm / 0.7in
Moisture protection


Support to APP
HiFit 2.0 app
iOS and Android


LED Light
Battery life
Up to 180 days
ControlBluetooth BLE4.0 
Body Type,Weight,Fat,Water,BMI, Muscle Mass Mass
Battery Capacity 
3000 mAh
Maximum weight
10~150 kg ( 22~330 lbs )


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Sport & Outdoor Gadgets

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Office Gadgets

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Apple Accessories