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• HiMirror comes with built-in system and data protection and includes a robust network security system with third-party certification to ensure full confidentiality of your identity. • The camera can only be activated with an individual security key and a camera lens cover is also pre-installed to further prevent invasions of privacy. • HiMirror was created under the direction and validation from professional consultants in the fields of dermatology, cosmetics, skincare, and medical beauty. • HiMirror you to sync your skin analysis results, including monthly historical pictures and solution data, with your smart phone so you can get beauty and fitness advice anytime, anywhere.

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HiMirror Plus comes with an innovative and gorgeous LED lights to simulate five different lighting scenarios: sunset view, outside on a sunny day, brightly lit office, shopping mall or supermarket, and restaurant or party venue. These settings help you apply your makeup appropriately for the occasion and location.

With expanded memory, HiMirror Plus allows for 6 people to log in to the device while each user’s personal data is stored separately in a safe and private environment. Expanded memory not only allows for more users, but can also store a longer period of your skin analysis results, allowing you to better track your improvements over time.

HiMirror Plus has two transmitting antennas and two receiving antennas(2X2), allowing it to move data at twice the speed with a more effective connection over longer distances. No more smudges or fingerprints on the mirror.

By collecting analytics from all over the world on skin conditions and skincare products that actually work, HiMirror harnesses the power of Big Data to develop the very best in custom built skincare routines and skincare tips.


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