Halo Rover

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• Geared with 8.5-inch wheels that can travel over any terrain, this hoverboard can take you anywhere, and even a 20-degree slope won't stop it. • Its IPX4 water resistant rating makes it even more durable against rain and a little splash. • Only hoverboard on the market that has aluminum protective guards. When you feel like riding at night, you can safely do it with the LED headlights. • If you're a first-time rider, on the other hand, you can learn according to your pace by using the app for control. • Choose the Rover's speed, steering sensitivity, and more according to your preference.

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A Truly "All-Terrain" Self-balancing Scooter

One of the unique features and most talked about features of the Halo Rover is the all-terrain aspect, ride on any uneven surfaces with ease. The 8.5” strong and sturdy rubber tires provide a really firm grip on the ground that allows you to stream over any kind of terrain including sand, snow, grass or even up steep slopes as inclined as a 20 degree climb.


Dream hoverboard

Let the fun begin with the hoverboard that's leading the industry in build quality, safety, and support. Complete with powerful LED lights for increased visibility around cars and pedestrians!



The Halo Rover Hoverboard is one of the “smart” self balancing scooters on the market with its innovative and state-of-the-art features. One of these features is the Halo Bluetooth speaker, allowing the rider to stream their favorite music by connecting a smartphone with the hoverboard using the Bluetooth functionality.


Smartphone app

Mobile app that can be downloaded from the app stores (available for Android and IOS) directly to your smartphone is loaded with a wide range of features. A few of these features on the mobile application are the training modes, speed and distance tracking, checking the battery life and also the time taken to travel certain distances which is great for those who like a little race.

800 Watt 
Water Resistance
IPX4 Water Resistant
Up to 10 mph
Up to 10 Miles
Weight Limit
44 lbs to 260 lbs
32 lbs
Charge Time
2.5 hours
Battery Life
Up to 2 hours
LED Head Lights
Hill Grade
Up to 20 Degrees


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Smart Security Systems