Grobo Premium

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- Pick recipe from the Grobo app, plant your seed, watch it grow the harvest.

- This stealth grow box is equipped with a steel security lock.

- The Grobo Premium is an incredibly smart grow box.

- It's sleek look fits flawlessly into any living space.

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Grobo One is a hydroponic system meaning it utilizes a deep water culture system

When your plant's roots pop they live in water rather than soil. Grobo's automatic dosing system feeds your plant the nutrients it needs to thrive by dispensing them directly into the water reservoir. The deep water culture system helps your plants grow faster and provides Grobo with greater control over your system's growing elements.

The 8 spectrum LED provides your Grobo with maximum control over your plant. Grobo has over 100 grow recipes custom built specifically for each plant in our library. The recipe will customize nutrient dosing, pH and lighting for your plant. So it gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

Light can be adjusted to change characteristics of your plant and ensure it grows effectively in the available space

Did you know that different colors of light can alter THC and CBD levels? Cool, huh? You're not the only one that needs food to survive, your plants do too. Never worry about feeding your plants on time or in the right amount, Grobo does it for you.

Grobo utilizes hydroponics, so you don't have to worry about making a mess with soil. You can easily and affordably purchase additional nutrients and supplies as they are required from our online store. All of our grow recipes have been designed specifically for use with the nutrients provided.

To add water or empty your Grobo, simply use the built-in hoses

The 11L reservoir has more than enough room for your plant's roots to grow. No matter how stinky your grow is the smell will stay in. The activated charcoal filter cleans the air before it is emitted from your Grobo. Grobo's dual in-line fans ensure that your plant receives proper airflow to grow happy and healthy.

The built in door lock is easily unlocked through the app, ensuring that your kids and pets stay safe. The Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box comes with one set of bottles (bottles 1-5), one coco pod, one carbon filter, one pH sensor, one EC sensor and of course one beautiful Grobo One. 


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