GoPro Fusion

About the product

- Turn 360 footage into videos and photos you can share on your phone.

- Preview and play back shots, create videos and share them on the go.

- Create immersive VR experiences in stunning 5.2K video.

- Immerse yourself in your VR content without stitch lines getting in the way.

- Capture amazing audio coming at you from every direction.

Best video reviews

Introducing GoPro's First VR Camera - Fusion!

GoPro Fusion combines 6 GoPro cameras for 360-degree coverage and support for 5.2K video recording at 30 frames / s. It has a waterproof housing and is compatible with most accessories and mounts for other GoPro cameras.

Attractive feature

This camera is ideal for those who want to try VR and other advanced shooting technologies. One of the most attractive features of Fusion is that the camera mount can be automatically removed from the video. The camera seems to be hanging in the air and following you.

Create slow motion video

The camera has an OverCapture function, which allows you to manually select the video area, following the subject to select the best viewing angles. The resulting material can be exported as a regular, not 360-degree video clip in 1080p resolution! You can also take 18-megapixel spherical photos and create slow motion video.

“Amazingly Smooth”

Fusion captures surround sound. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in a film that offers surround sound. Among communications, the camera has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS navigation support, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a compass. Fusion also boasts "startlingly smooth" stabilization, which means that Fusion will open up many creative possibilities.

Item Weight

2.95 pounds (1.3 kg)


Number of Lenses
2 x f/2.0
Video Resolution
5.2K 30fps - 3K 60fps
Photo Resolution
18 Megapixels
6 axis Stabilization
Up to 16 feet
2 x MicroSD up to 128GB
Battery life
1.5 Hours
360 "Spherical Audio"
Rechargeable 2620 mAh lithium-ion battery
Other Features
Overcapture Floating Camera mode Voice Activation


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