Google Home - Smart Speaker

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Google Home allows us to speak naturally without us having to learn its own language.

It tells in one pass about the weather, traffic to work, appointments, and rounds up with news from favorite sources.

From enjoying your favorite music to hearing the morning news, from checking traffic to adjusting your thermostat, you can ask Google Home anything — no hands required.

Powered by the Google Assistant, you have command of your music, your home, and your curiosity.

Google Home’s sleek design fits wherever you enjoy music or want access to the Google Assistant. Start by saying, “Ok Google" or "Hey Google.”

Nonetheless, Google Home is very soft and unassuming in its design.

The speaker quality is very good. Works well with Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc.

Works well with Philips Hue lightbulbs and Nest Thermostat.


Best video reviews

Amazing product.

The accuracy recognizing what you say is extremely good. Been using it mostly for news and music in the morning, and to impress friends when they come.  If you have a chrome cast you'll never have to search for videos again because you can just find them with your voice and it integrates flawlessly.

Google Home can handle different grammatical structures and syntax for the same question. Simple example: What is the capital of Norway?  Which city is the capital of Norway? What is the Norwegian capital? This really good for family and friends because - unlike with Alexa / Echo - we don't have to learn how to exactly verbalize every “skill”.

Works flawlessly with Chromecast devices.

Example: OK Google. Play a funny cat video from YouTube on the Living Room Chromecast. Then Google plays it on Chromecast, which triggers  living room TV to show the video - There are some customizable bases that are better suited to your home decor. However, these are a little pricey for fabric and metal.


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