GoHeart Mesh Outdoor Networking Device

About product

• GoHeart uses mesh networking technology which connects you and other users directly and dynamically to create an efficient route.

• So that you and your friends can stay connected while traveling in a group.

• GoHeart uses DSSS to reduce overall signal interference and supports a higher coverage range than a traditional walkie-talkie.

• The technology also allows GoHeart to be sensitive in receiving transmission and uses low power consumption.

• We've been working with amazing suppliers and competent manufacturers to make production happen on time.


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Alternatively, you can use the devices as a walkie-talkie or even send voice and text messages

You can also share your GPS location and track fellow members of your team. Made of scratch-proof material, GoHeart Mesh is incredibly efficient. By using low power consumption, it gives you 12 hours of use. Perfect for group travel, GoHeart Mesh also works for military applications, underground, and even inside caves. You can even use it at busy venues such as concerts where traditional signal might be disrupted.

GoHeart Mesh Outdoor Networking Device

Stay connected no matter where your adventures take you with the GoHeart Mesh Outdoor Networking Device. Working without the internet, this communication system is totally user-friendly. GoHeart Mesh offers multiple communication options. You can use the device as an SOS button by simply doing a long press. 

Powerful outdoor networking device

If you’ve ever been injured, lost, or involved in the rescue of a friend in the backcountry, you can appreciate the ability to get into contact with other people, and were likely grateful for your cell phone signal or network connection. But much of the time there is no cell phone signal or network connection in the backcountry — leading to horror stories of people left to fend for themselves because they were incapable of calling for help. GoHeart aims to solve this problem with the GoHeart Mesh, a powerful outdoor networking device.

Certifications and tests

We have established good partnerships with our suppliers to produce quality products for GoHeart. They have never let us down and they had foreseen complications and solve them before delivering the final product. All certifications and tests are projected early yet timely in order to assure top-quality control.


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