Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

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• The Gecko detects edges and uses its advanced algorithm to scrub every part of your window, reaching the areas that you couldn’t. • With the Gecko window cleaner, you don’t have to climb ladders or put yourself at risk, you can clean your windows right from your couch. Our cleaner comes with an a safety rope attachment feature, so that your device is doubly protected. • The Gecko’s Smart design allows it to be controlled from the palm of your hand. The Gecko comes with along with full access app, allowing you to quickly and simply tailor the controls to fit your home.

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When it comes to cleaning windows, ladders and sponges are incredibly messy, they will often leave you with more of a mess to clean. That is why we created Gecko, we wanted a remote powered window cleaner that would be simple and easy to use to take away the chaos and anxiety that often comes from window cleaning.


LED indicators -Deep clean -Automatically detects edges -App powered and manual modes -Air vent -Safety Rope -3 Automatic cleaning path options -Washable microfiber pads -Anti-Fall technology -Notification buzzer The Mobile App that connects with the Robot can be found under 'GlassBot2' in the App store.

The Gecko window cleaner uses suction technology to attach to your window. Our washable microfiber pads thoroughly scrub windows, allowing for a deep and sparkling clean. We stand behind our product so the Gecko comes with a full 1-year unlimited warranty to ensure that there is no risk to you.


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